Pig and Pumpkin Party

On Sunday November 7th, I visited the Top Market Meats, Family Farm in Ariss Ontario. They were having their 4th annual Pig and Pumpkin Party! At this event everyone can bring their carved pumpkins and feed them to the pigs. The moment you drop your pumpkin in the pens several pigs come to chow down on your pumpkin. This event normally attracts around 200 people throughout the afternoon. Thats a lot of pumpkins .

Before this became an actual public event, pig pumpkin feeding was part of a community group promenade. They would pick up the pumpkins in Guelph, with the help of others and bring them back to the farm to feed the pigs. They decided to make this a public event to allow people to see where their food comes from. This isn't the only public event they have. In December they have Christmas Trees for Goats. This is where you bring your Christmas tree to the farm and feed it to the goats. In September they have the Fall Rural Romp and in June they have their Open house Farm Day. At the open house people get to see all the baby animals, then later in the year they can see how they've grown.

Jeff and Leslie Zinger have run the farm for 13 years, but it has been in Jeff's family for 100 years. The farm started out as a livestock farm. Eventually, the farm was changed to a cash crop farm. It stayed that way until Jeff and Leslie took ownership of the farm and decided they loved livestock, so they switched it back to a livestock farm. They have many animals at the farm, Pigs, Goats, Geese, Chickens, a Donkey and a Horse. They also have two 'Junior Farmers,' John (11 years old, on the left) and Elizabeth (13 years old, away on a trip).

When I spoke with Leslie, she said she was a city girl who married into the farm life. She mentioned that many city people have no idea where their food comes from, much like herself before she met Jeff. That was why they wanted to make events like the Pig and Pumpkin Party, a public event. This allows people to come to the farm and experience farm life and see first hand where their food comes from.

Under their home,  they have a fully stocked Meat Market. Here they sell all the products from their farm, as well as many other products from other local farms. All of them are a part of the Guelph Wellington Local Food community, they all work together. We left with two full bags of pasteurized meats and cheeses.

I had a great time at the Pig and Pumpkin Party. We got to feed the pigs. We fed Elmo the Pony and Dozer the Donkey an apple by hand. I also pet a few goats along with the cutest two 10 week old puppies.

Thank you to the Top Market Meats farm for such an amazing event. They have recently started using social media to advertise their events, so keep an eye out for some of their awesome events, check them out on facebook. I am very excited for December to feed the Goats our Christmas tree.

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Wright Wedding

Back in July, I shot Aaron and Amanda's wedding. It was the perfect day for a wedding. The sky was cloudy all day which made it Perfect for photographing their wedding (no harsh shadows on peoples faces). All the locations I shot at that day were absolutely gorgeous; from Amanda's parents home to the Cambridge Mill, they were beautiful. I got so many amazing photos that day. Below are some of my favourite photos from their wedding day.

Below, is one of my very favourite photos from the day. I absolutely Loved Amanda's dress, it photographed extremely well and she looked amazing!

Below, is my favourite set of photos. As you'll see, I had Amanda pretend to throw her bouquet to her Bridal party. In the next photo I had them all pretend that Amanda had thrown too far and the bouquet was lost into the river.

I had a Great time at Aaron and Amanda's Wedding. They are a gorgeous couple who are truly meant to be together.

Congratulations again to Aaron and Amanda Wright!

The Wantenaar Family

This month I had a great Family shoot with the Wantenaar family. Their entire property was absolutely beautiful! The family was great and they had a lot of fun doing the shoot. 

Below, are some of my favourite photos from the shoot.

I am very happy with how all the photos came out. It is actually tempting to post all the photos from the shoot. I hope to work with them again soon.

Special Needs Soccer Festival

Yesterday, FEDS Special Needs Soccer had their 4th annual FEDS Special Needs Soccer Festival! Everyone had an amazing and fun day.

The whole festival started with a Parade of Players! All the players from four different Special Needs Soccer Programs from Fergus, Kitchener and Halton Hills, walking, waving and being lead by the Fergus Pipe Band.

After the Parade of Players, Pat Espina, the creator of the FEDS Special Needs Soccer Program, welcomed everyone and introduced this years guests (pictured below).

Below from left to right: Ted Arnott (MPP for Wellington-Halton Hills), Ron Smale (Ontario Soccer Association President), Chris Slack (President of Fergus-Elora District Soccer), Kelly Linton (Mayor of Township of Centre Wellington) and Pat Espina.

After some short speeches, Ted Arnott declared this years Festival Open! Now, it was time for all the teams to play a couple friendly games with their fellow teams.

Below are some photos from the games.

While the players were on the field, some people watched and cheered on the players, while other people hung out and enjoyed some of the fun festival amenities.

To the right is the face-painting and temporary tattoo booth. They do an amazing job every year, leaving everyone with amazing designs on their faces. This year they added some very cool looking, temporary powder tattoos that everyone LOVED.

Below is a photo of the food booth where they served hotdogs, hamburgers and later on served some delicious cake.

Below, is a photo of the prize wheel at the Community Booth. People won a lot of great prizes, such as free David Cavan Fraser CDs, a free soccer ball, a free meal and many fun soccer trinkets.

Every year, I have a free Photo-Booth at the festival. Below is a photo of my Booth and my Awesome Assistant Teddy. This year we gave people their photos on fridge magnets. Everyone loved them and were very excited to take them home. Below my booth photo, are some photos that were taken at my booth, including a photo of David Cavan Fraser with Special K who performed at the festival again this year. Once again, they had everyone dancing and singing along. Also, included with my photo-booth photos, is a photo of all the FEDS Special Needs Soccer Festival Coaches who were able to attend the Festival this year.

On the left, is a photo of our fun festival sign that leads you to all of our festival amenities. Some un-pictured amenities include a Magician, a Firetruck, a Police Cruiser and a small stage where David and Special K performed.

It was another amazing and successful year for the FEDS Special Needs Soccer Festival. I am VERY excited for next year when we will have our FIFTH ANNUAL FEDS SPECIAL NEEDS SOCCER FESTIVAL!

We All Belong

On June 24th, the Fergus Grand Theatre in Fergus, Ontario, hosted an amazing benefit concert for FEDS Special Needs Soccer. The goal of the event was to 'unite the special needs group and the rest of the community in a common event where they may both experience each other's company in a setting of music and fun.' It was also another great way to introduce people to the FEDS Special Needs Soccer program which I have had the pleasure of photographing for 6 years. 

There were two great bands performing at the concert, starting with Zoe and the Great Escape and finishing with David Cavan Fraser with Special K. Both bands did an amazing job and had everyone wanting to sing along. Below are a few of the photos I took at the concert.

To the left is the poster for the event and above is the amazing historical Fergus Grand Theatre.

Above, is Zoe and the Great Escape. Below, is David Cavan Fraser with Special K.

The concert was a great success filled with great music, a couple drinks and a lot of fun! Proceeds from this event benefits the FEDS Special Needs Soccer program. I hope this concert will become an annual event and even more of the community will come and enjoy the music.

Next up for the Special Needs Soccer program is the FEDS Special Needs Soccer Festival held at Victoria park in Fergus on Saturday, July 9th from 12pm to 4pm. Everything at this event is free except for a small fee for food and drink. This will be the 4th year for the festival and it has gotten bigger and better every year. There will be soccer, face-painting, arcade games, a photo booth, free cake, another performance from David Cavan Fraser and much more! Come down to Victoria Park on July 9th and join us at this amazing and fun event.